Discover the Brook Pointe Aqua Massage Experience

Welcome to the serene world of the Brook Pointe Aqua Massage, a unique relaxation experience at Brook Pointe Resort. Whether you’re a weary traveler seeking solace or a local in need of a serene escape, our state-of-the-art aqua massage bed is your gateway to unparalleled bliss.

The aqua massage is available seven days a week making it effortless to fit a slice of paradise into your schedule. Emerge renewed, with muscles soothed and spirit lifted. At Brook Pointe Resort, we’re not just offering a massage; we’re offering a transformative experience that will echo in your calmness long after you leave. We invite you to peruse our Guest Policies here to ensure your visit is nothing short of perfect. Your journey to tranquility is just a booking away—immerse yourself in the Brook Pointe Resort’s aqua massage experience.

Brook Pointe Aqua Massage

A New Wave of Relaxation

Gone are the days of conventional massages. The Aqua Massage revolutionizes relaxation by combining the therapeutic touch of water with the comfort and convenience of staying dry and clothed. As you lie back on our aqua massage bed, let the gentle currents soothe your stresses away.

Personalized Comfort and Convenience with the Brook Pointe Aqua Massage 

Our aqua massage experience is meticulously calibrated for deep relaxation. Perfectly suited for your individual needs, you can choose the duration of your journey. Opt for the swift serenity of a 30-minute session at an accessible $30, or delve into the immersive indulgence of a full hour for $60.

Available for Everyone, Every Day

Open seven days a week, our aqua massage service can easily be scheduled using the button above. It’s an ideal solution for both hotel guests and local community members. Simply step in and emerge renewed.