We created the VIP program in early 2012 to allow members from the community to use our hotel and ground facilities. We knew there was a great need to use the pool and with us having an exercise room as well it seemed like a great idea to create a VIP program. We are constantly thanked by VIP’s for allowing them to have access to the pool and equipment year round. Our VIP program requires a one year contract or simply pay for a Daily Pass

VIP members 3 and under are free as long as there is an adult membership. The pool and exercise hours are from 4 AM till Midnight 7 days a week. 10 PM to midnight daily is adult only swim.

Our pool is always 89 degrees!

In addition to year round membership to our pool & exercise rooms, all special classes such as water aerobics are included. We have many other activities on our resort property such as Family Cove and our Enchanted Forest. And all outdoor facilities are open to VIP and daily pass individuals.

VIP Pricing

Our VIP Programs is as follows:
VIP Primary Packages – Residential DEBIT/CREDIT ACH
            “Single VIP Package”

This single guest pass is for an individual 18 years of age or older.

$19.99 $9.99
            “Doubles VIP Package”

This doubles pass is for 2 members.

$22.99 $12.99
            “Up to 5 VIP Package”

This pass is for up to 5 members

$24.99 $14.99
            “Up to 10 VIP Package”


$39.99 $29.99


Massage Add-On (includes 4 per month per membership; 5% discount thereafter) Member must be 16 years of age or older to use the massage bed. $5.00

Call us for more information on VIP pricing: 574-457-4466


Planning on visiting our pool today?

Here’s a look at the pool right now. If it’s extremely busy you may want to wait an hour or two and then check again.  This image below is refreshed every 30 seconds you may have to refresh the page to see the revised image.  Clicking on the pool image will show a larger version.  For safety of our guests the image is not high resolution.

Signing up for the VIP program is very simple. Simply stop by the front desk 24 hours a day 7 days a week and ask for a VIP sign up form. The front desk personal will be able to answer all of your questions without a problem. Once you fill out your form (make sure to bring a debit card, credit card, or a blank check) you can start using the program today. If you click on the coupon below, you can get one month free just for visiting this page. The only way you get one month free is if you bring the below coupon in with you when you sign up. This coupon is for new members only and not for existing members.

Watch this video to get a quick tour of our VIP program

Why wait? You can be swimming and exercising today!

Call 574-457-4466 for more information or
stop by today at 4906 E 1200 N Syracuse, IN 46567

Did you know all VIP members get 5% off of all other services from Brook Pointe.

Click on the coupon for a printable image

Daily passes are a great way to use the pool and exercise room if you don’t plan on using the facilities more than once a month. This daily pass also provides you access to the classes like Yoga and Water Zumba. There is no additional cost to join these classes other than paying each day you attend. You can pay by either cash or credit card at the front desk. When you arrive at the front desk please check in and sign in letting the front desk staff know you are in the building. Members that do not follow our policies will be asked to leave and not return. Our primary business is a hotel and we must maintain quiet and calmness in the hallways of the hotel.

Daily passes are only $7.50 per person per day!

Daily passes are always priced at per person

Call us for more information: 574-457-4466

VIP members gain access to our property and virtually all of our outside amenities. Here is just a small sample of the items included when you become a VIP:

  • Pool room access 4 AM till Midnight
  • Exercise room 4 AM till Midnight
  • Fire pit swing set
  • Family Cove
  • Walking trails
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Priority parking
  • 5% discount for all room rentals
Brook Pointe Careers

VIP Pool & Exercise Room

  1. Exercise room and pool room are limited by hours of operation. Please check the published times at the front desk. Normal hours are 4a.m. through Midnight Daily.
  2. There is a limit of 20 people in the pool at any given time.
  3. If you choose to bring someone with you to the hotel and they are not on your monthly plan you must pay the daily rate or enroll them on your plan.
  4. Brook Pointe management may introduce electronic pass cards, fingerprint technology, and or hand print technology for door access.
  5. The pool can be closed for up to one month at a time for pool cleaning, repairs, and painting. If we need to close the pool we will publish this on our calendar on our website.
  6. Customer may use the access card as many times as Customer would like during the day and month.
  7. This is a one year contract and is automatically renewed on a month to month basis.
  8. Customer’s account must be paid with ACH to get the promotional rate mentioned on the rate plan.
  9. If Customer choose to pay by debit or credit Customer must pay a higher amount for processing.
  10. A VIP charge of $1.00 per month will be added to all invoices and monthly subscriptions.
  11. If Customer files bankruptcy and Customer’s account is current, it will continue to bill Customer’s account; if Customer’s account is not current we will cancel Customer’s account and all access cards will cease to work.
  12. In the event of default we will aggressively work at collecting that debit by any means within our reach. In the event Customer’s account is in default we will also black list Customer’s name from doing business with any William James Morris companies or affiliates.
  13. This contract can be cancelled at COMPANY’s sole discretion.
  14. Customer is not guaranteed access to any items in the exercise room and it is first come first serve at all times. We suggest contacting front desk to find out the least busy time to exercise or use the pool.
  15. COMPANY is not responsible for issues or accidents. There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY so Customer are using the facilities at Customer’s own risk.
  16. Prices and rates are subject to change and notifications of such changes are not guaranteed.
  17. In order to use the facilities on a daily guest pass or as a VIP, Customer must sign in at the front desk each day Customer use the facilities.
  18. All Cancellations must be submitted online. Please see the appropriate terms in the Billing Policies section for more information. COMPANY front desk employees are unable to make payments, change subscription settings, or make any changes to Customer’s account. If Customer wish to change payment methods please call 574-306-4100.