Celebrate Syracuse!

I give a lot of tours of this unique property I work from. We are locate on 30 acres of wooded property . There are trails winding around and through out. We have a zip line experience for all sizes of kids, an outdoor gaming area called family cove .We are in a town well known for its lakes, and Brookpointe is only a half a mile from the highway that takes you straight through Syracuse. You may say I am showing favoritism? you would be right. I always end the tour by stating this fact. This hotel never stands still. We are always looking for new projects and ways to grow. Every year about this time, we host our Fall Festival. It’s a time for us to showcase our newest projects.

save this date: October 21st

show up through this time frame: 11:00 a.m.through 7:00p.m.

What to expect? This year the newest activity is B.I.N.G.O. with prizes. Expect food vendors and local artists and companies promoting their services.

There will be a car show, and games, and bouncy houses, and face painting, and seeing neighbors you haven’t got to see because life gets so busy for all of us.

Let’s celebrate.