Embracing Romantic Escapes: Brook Pointe Resort’s Offering for Couples

Tucked away near the serene waters of Lake Wawasee in Northern Indiana, there’s a unique romantic refuge that’s captivating couples’ hearts. The Brook Pointe Resort, seamlessly blending rustic ambiance with contemporary luxuries, promises an unforgettable romantic retreat.

The foundation of Brook Pointe can be traced back to 1996, a vision brought to life by the passionate Christian couple, Brice & Fay Medlock. The baton of nurturing this sanctuary was later passed to Ben & Kristi Plikerd in 2012. Since then, each of the 30 meticulously designed rooms and the exclusive cabin have borne witness to countless heartwarming tales and memories.

Yet, it isn’t just the state-of-the-art amenities like heated saltwater pools, in-room charging stations, or the sumptuous breakfasts that distinguish Brook Pointe. It’s the resort’s unwavering devotion to curating experiences of love. Couples can embark on enchanting walks through trails, get an adrenaline rush at the mini zip line, or immerse themselves in the mysteries of the Enchanted Forest.

To elevate your stay further, a range of curated upgrades awaits. Whether it’s the allure of a delightful cheese platter or the therapeutic touch of a professional massage, every experience is tailored to reignite passion.

Benefitting from its strategic location between South Bend and Fort Wayne, Brook Pointe serves dual purposes. Not only does its accessibility make it a preferred choice for residents of Michiana, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Chicago, but it also introduces couples to the charming Amish towns of Shipshewana and Napanee close by. Imagine a day spent amidst the tranquil Amish setting, followed by an evening of luxury at Brook Pointe.

Life’s most cherished memories are woven from moments spent with loved ones. Brook Pointe Resort offers the perfect setting to craft those moments. Ready to pen your romantic narrative? Reach out to us at 574-457-4466.