First…. The good news

We all are familiar with the phrase ” I have good news and I have bad news” I like the good news first, it sets the mood. So … ok… here is the good news..

1, You all look great today.

2. It is another beautiful day outside.

3. We had a great weekend here at the resort property. It is beautiful and the guests enjoyed the fire pit and the walking trails and spending time together. I love to see that and I am so proud to be a part of it all.

Now the bad news. The boiler that heats the pool water is not working properly. I believe I was told once by Randy that the pool will get cooler a degree or so an hour. It is now at 83 degrees. It IS swimmable and will stay opened , it’s just not as warm as normal. I have been given no target time as to when this will be repaired.

Now that wasn’t so bad to hear was it?

As always, please call our desk for any additional information. W are here for you 24/7