Brook Pointe Resort

New review posted on TripAdvisor today!

Check out our newest review from TripAdvisor posted today!
“We stayed in cabin 41 at Brook pointe after finding the cabin deal online. We took the kids and our grandmother for a family weekend trip. Right away we were impressed with the beautiful property, the foot trails were a lot of fun to explore and see all the little details the owners added in. The enchanted forest was fun to look at in the daylight but at night it is a surreal and magical experience. The kids had a lot of fun being able to walk the trails on their and loved the free arcade table and the fresh cookies in the evening. Hannah was exceptionally patient, kind and worked hard to answer all our questions. She helped accommodate us with everything we needed assistance with (including making us fresh cookies, retrieving us additional bedding and looking into questions we had). I was so impressed I signed up for the loyalty program and booked a two day romance getaway for my birthday later this year. The cabin itself was clean and cozy with all the cooking supplies you need. There were pots, pans, cookie sheets, a crock pot, spatulas, ladles, whisks, cutlery, plates, saucers, bowls, coffee mugs, glasses and wine glasses. There was a K-cup machine a full sized fridge with a water dispenser and ice maker. The couches were comfortable, TVs were great for movies and had great sound quality. We enjoyed the jetted tub for a soak. We spent down time practicing whittling on the porch. What an amazing little gem of a place and really affordable. The owners take great care and joy in their work and it shows. I’ve never felt so welcomed in a hotel before.” 5/5