Trailer Park Tragedy

Join us for an Evening of Laughter and Fun
Two different packages to chose from
See below for some of the residents
Sugar Plum
The daughter of a convict, Sugar Plum inherited her father’s trailer while he serves a life sentence. It is no secret Sugar Plum is drawn to illegal behavior, both in her lovers and in her lifestyle.
Louella DeVille
Trailer Park Owner
Since her husband’s mysterious disappearance Louella has controlled the park and everything that goes on in it. The last thing Louella needs is people doing things that draw the attention of the cops to the park…
Wyatt Barley
This recently released jailbird is living with his momma while he gets back on his feet, which is turning out to be harder than Wyatt planned.
It’s the annual W.T. Trailer Park BBQ and this year’s blast is going to be one to remember!
Well known in the community and by the law enforcement agencies for its after-hours fights, double-crossings, and illegal happenings, this trailer park’s BBQ is a recipe for disaster. However, with free food and booze on the menu, all of the ill-mannered, illiterate, and intoxicated residents are certain to be there – hair curlers and all!
With too much history and not enough space, something is bound to happen to send one of the guests over the edge . . . and another one to their death.
Will it be the avid outdoorsman who is known for accidentally shooting people, as well as game? The crazy cat lover who will defend their felines at all costs? The high school dropout with a bullet proof plan for their future? The maintenance man who can handle any problems, but his own. Or, possibly the parolee who will do anything to avoid going back to jail.
As the night unfolds, you will have to defend your innocence while figuring out which one of your rotten, no-good neighbors is to blame for this murderous misadventure!
[4906 E 1200 N ]
[Syracuse, IN 46567]